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Dunk Tank Rental Dayton Ohio

When it comes to some classic fun, there is nothing better than a dunk tank rental in Dayton Ohio. A dunk tank is an easy way to entertain large amounts of people in such a short period of time. They are great for large events, fundraisers, schools festivals and more. Imagine a 500 gallon plastic tank with your favorite VIP on the hot seat.

People will be lined up ready to take a shot at dunking their teacher, principal, coach, or any other lucky individual.  Each participant gets 3 balls each round at a target roughly 2-25 feet away. We feature large backdrops to catch all the balls to minimize the chasing them. A dunk tank rental Dayton Ohio can count on, right here at Dayton Bounce Houses. While your guests are waiting to get in line or observing the dunking booth, get them a tent to relax under! We have tents of all sizes available.

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Dunk Tank
Dunk Tank

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Most Popular Dunk Tank Rental in Dayton Ohio

No need to keep looking around because we have the most popular dunk tank rental in Dayton Ohio. Our friends all over Dayton love our dunking booths. All of them are commercial grade made from a reputable manufacturer right here in Ohio. These premium dunk tank rentals are a great option for your next event. All you have to do is provide the water!

Let your guests step right up to see who has what it takes to dunk the next VIP. Fundraisers dream when it comes to raising money. Our customer's love the entertainment is makes for everyone in attendance as well. Hours of laughter to be had waiting in anticipation to see the dunking! Browse our dunk tank rental Dayton Ohio and book online today. Keep in mind our dunking booth takes about an hour to fill the tank. So plan to have everything ready when our crews arrive.